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Designing and Approval of Solar Power Stations for Enterprises and Private Households - GREEN SYSTEM

Efficient design allows increasing the efficiency of solar power stations by 20-30%. During the design phase, it is essential to calculate the capacity of the future station, perform measurements, calculate the optimal layout of solar panels considering the orientation of the site, and assess climatic loads in accordance with building codes. This comprehensive approach enables accurate cost estimation, proper equipment and component selection, and helps avoid many issues during the operation of the solar power station.

Why Trust GREEN SYSTEM with the Designing Process?

  • We are an engineering company specializing in the design and installation of alternative energy systems for over 9 years.
  • Our in-house design department employs qualified engineers with relevant expertise.
  • We hold certification for "Engineering and Construction Design for Mechanical Support and Stability."

An example of drawings showing the foundation and supports layout for a grid-tied solar station. Structural calculations and drafting in Green System are carried out by an in-house designer with a specific educational background. We thoroughly prepare the design documentation for any project, from small private stations to industrial-scale solar energy systems. In our portfolio, you can find examples of completed works. Additionally, we can provide separate design services for grid-tied solar stations for private households. With accurate drawings, you can independently manage the installation of tables (mounts) for the solar power station by hiring local contractors.

solar power station designsolar power station design

solar power station designsolar power station design

Our Certificates and Licenses

  • GREEN SYSTEM is licensed to perform construction and installation works, including internal and external engineering systems and electrical supply.
  • Our engineers undergo training provided by official equipment importers used in our solutions.
  • We are authorized to perform servicing and have extensive experience in maintaining and upgrading equipment for solar power stations, heat pumps, and heat recovery ventilation systems.

GREEN SYSTEM certificatesGREEN SYSTEM certificatesGREEN SYSTEM certificatesGREEN SYSTEM certificatesGREEN SYSTEM certificatesGREEN SYSTEM certificates

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