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Autonomous solar power stations for homes


If you aspire to full or partial energy independence for your property and plan to achieve this goal by purchasing a solar power station, consider using the services of "Green System" company. We offer turnkey home solar power stations, which include:

  • Monitoring your consumption and selecting equipment to meet your needs;
  • System configuration;
  • Installation of autonomous solar power station components;
  • Connection and commissioning;
  • Subsequent maintenance and service.

For many Ukrainians, autonomous solar power stations have already become the solution that allowed them to reduce or completely abandon centralized electricity supply. Tremendous savings on utility bills and a stable supply of the required kilowatts are the factors driving more consumers to explore this option.

Features of the Autonomous Solar Station

An autonomous solar station is an installation that generates electricity for personal consumption and directs excess energy into batteries. During dark hours when energy is not produced, electrical appliances are powered by the charged battery. Therefore, the station's operation is independent of the general power grid.

Thus, an autonomous solar station for a house differs from the grid-connected counterpart by the presence of storage modules in its system. With accurate calculations and proper selection of equipment (considering the volumes of energy produced and consumed by the object), the consumer receives uninterrupted and round-the-clock power supply. This solution is ideal for residential homes and country houses with year-round or seasonal occupancy.

Such solar energy systems can be divided into reserve models and fully autonomous installations. Objects using reserve solar generators are connected to the grid. If the solar station's battery charge is insufficient to meet the building's demands, the object can receive power from a diesel generator, which is activated automatically. Fully autonomous stations are large solar energy systems with powerful storage systems, a significant number of solar panels, and accompanying equipment. The high cost of fully autonomous installations often makes them unsuitable for residential use, especially for small private houses. To assess the economic benefits, payback periods, and other essential indicators, you can request a calculation for an autonomous station tailored to your property.

When Is an Autonomous Solar Station Relevant?

There are several reasons why you might consider buying an autonomous solar power station:

  • You'll forget about power outages. In all regions of Ukraine, power outages, whether due to accidents or planned shutdowns, are not uncommon. Old networks can't handle the load of numerous appliances installed in each house, and a single failure can lead to power loss on several streets. Familiar situation? An autonomous solar energy system will help you eliminate power cuts on your property.
  • Lack of electrical infrastructure. If your house or cottage is not connected to the utility grid, an autonomous station allows for partial or complete resolution of the electricity supply issue. In many cases, a solar station can be more cost-effective than connecting the property to the dedicated power line.
  • Insufficient allocated power. Small private hotels, farms, and other facilities might not have enough power allocated by the grid operator. Using an alternative energy source can solve this problem.

What's Included in the Autonomous Solar Station Package?

The package for an autonomous solar power station includes solar modules, inverters, batteries, connecting cables, mounts, and protective automation. You can purchase a ready-made kit, where the equipment is already selected for smooth operation as a system. However, it is recommended to request a project for a specific property to account for its needs and capabilities. In this case, the efficiency of the solar installation will be maximized.

What Does "Green System" Offer?

First and foremost, we offer competent consultation. Contact our manager to learn more about how the autonomous station works, its benefits, and payback periods depending on various factors. After that, we are ready to build a turnkey autonomous station for you, including:

  • Conducting site audits and studying technical conditions;
  • Developing a project and calculating its cost based on the gathered data;
  • Selecting equipment and delivering it to the site;
  • Performing the installation of the solar power station and commissioning it.

Our company has extensive experience, a team of professional experts, and all the necessary licenses and permits. Our activities cover not only major cities like Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, and Lviv but also small and remote settlements throughout Ukraine, where autonomous power supply is particularly relevant. Want to learn more? Give us a call. We'll be delighted to answer your questions.

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