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Grid-connected solar power station with a capacity of 10 kW


8 400$


The grid-connected solar power station with a capacity of 10 kW, built under the "green tariff," not only meets the electricity needs of the facility but also allows you to earn by selling surplus electricity to the energy company. This enables a quick return on the invested resources.

How does the 10 kW grid-connected station work under the "green tariff"?

The solar modules installed on the building's roof absorb solar radiation and convert it into direct current. The inverter then converts the direct current into alternating current for redirection to the general grid or consumers.

This system does not require the installation of battery storage. Its excess energy, not used for self-consumption, is directed into the grid for sale.

Advantages of constructing a 10 kW solar power station under the "green tariff":

  • 100% eco-friendliness in the production of electricity for self-consumption and sale.
  • Among all solar power station modifications, the construction cost of a grid-connected system is the lowest.
  • Solar modules can be installed on the building's roof, allowing you to save land space. At the same time, solar radiation is removed from the roof, avoiding overheating and reducing cooling costs.
  • The grid-connected solar power station requires minimal maintenance after commissioning, similar to regular household electrical appliances.
  • The operational lifespan of the grid-connected solar power station is at least 25 years.

Turnkey grid-connected solar power station:

We offer a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Technical specialist's site visit to study the technical conditions.
  • Project development, equipment selection, and the preparation of a plan for solar panel installation.
  • Preparation of estimates with calculations of productivity, profitability, and payback period.
  • Delivery of equipment to the site, its installation, connection, and commissioning of the solar power station.
  • Service and maintenance of the station throughout its operational period.

If necessary, our lawyers can handle the contract arrangement with the energy company. This is an additional service that you can request at any stage of the power station construction.

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