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Hybrid solar power plant 5 kW

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6 200$


What you get from the hybrid solar station:

  • 200-400 kWh of electricity per month, day and night. On a sunny day, the station's capacity is sufficient for the autonomous operation of household appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, irons, lighting, and internet. During the evening and night, it can cover the autonomous operation of refrigerators, lighting, and internet.
  • Operates autonomously or connected to the grid.
  • The station has a 5 kWh*hr reserve in a lithium LFP battery.
  • 5-year warranty on the hybrid inverter, 3000 charge/discharge cycles on the battery. Built-in Wi-Fi monitoring.
  • Possibility of connecting for automatic generator start.
  • Can sell excess power to the grid or operate for self-consumption during the daytime with a prohibition on feed-in to the grid.
  • Equipment lifespan up to 20 years.

The 5 kW hybrid solar power station will meet your household's electricity needs. You can avoid using electricity from the grid during the daytime and have a 5 kWh*hr capacity reserve for your house in case of power outages.

The 5 kW hybrid solar power station will allow you to set algorithms and priorities for energy consumption in your home at your discretion.

How the 5 kW hybrid station works:

This type of solar station has the most versatile functionality among all known types. The configurability allows using solar energy for personal consumption, storing it in the battery, or selling excess power back to the grid. In the absence of electricity in the general grid, the hybrid power station switches to autonomous power supply mode for the house with the following priority: Solar - Battery - Automatic generator startup (if available).

Advantages of the hybrid solar power plant:

  • Multi-functional use of generated energy: generation - storage (for backup) - selling excess.
  • The most flexible among all existing types of solar power plants.
  • Power supply from three sources (sun, grid, generator).
  • Reliable and automatic operation according to predefined algorithms.

We offer a comprehensive "turnkey" service, which includes:

  • Technical specialist's visit to the site, examination of technical conditions.
  • Project development, equipment selection, solar panel layout plan, algorithms for operation, and backup of critical electrical infrastructure for the house.
  • Delivery of equipment to the site, installation, connection, and launch of the solar power plant.
  • Service maintenance of the station throughout its operation period.

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