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Autonomous solar power station 8 kW

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12 000$


An autonomous solar power station is one of the most viable options for providing independent power supply to a specific facility, especially when there is no possibility of connecting to the centralized power grid. The proposed 8 kW autonomous solar station by Green System is an optimal solution for providing electricity to objects such as country houses, cottages, mobile laboratories, offices, field pumping stations, and many other facilities requiring reliable low-capacity power supply.

The 5 kW autonomous solar power station will meet your electricity needs at the domestic level in the absence of the general power grid.

It will ensure complete autonomy for your house throughout the year, with a monthly energy consumption level of 800-1000 kWh.

How does the 8 kW autonomous solar power station work?

If your house is not connected to the general power grid, the operation of the autonomous solar power station will meet your household electricity needs.

The principle of operation of this station is based on a simple algorithm:

  1. Electricity generation for household needs is carried out from the sun, and its storage is a top priority.
  2. Balancing peak energy consumption in the house is ensured by a 5 kWh lithium battery.
  3. In case of insufficient solar generation during cloudy periods, the battery is charged from the generator, which starts automatically.

Advantages of the autonomous solar power station

  1. The ability to provide autonomous power supply to a house where there is no general power grid or its connection cost is too high.
  2. Uninterrupted power supply throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.
  3. Fully automated and integrated system for your house.

We offer a comprehensive "turnkey" service, which includes:

  • Dispatch of a technical specialist to the site to study technical conditions.
  • Development of a project, equipment selection, layout plan for solar panels, operation algorithms, and backup of critical electrical infrastructure in the house.
  • Delivery of equipment to the site, its installation, connection, and commissioning of the solar power station.
  • Service maintenance of the station throughout its operational period.

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