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The HOME ENERGY STORAGE back-up power supply system during interruptions and shutdowns will provide electricity to vital household electrical appliances, and the battery life depends on the total power of the connected load: the more powerful electrical appliances you connect, the shorter the battery life.

Such a system works in the following way. When there is electricity from the network, the battery is charged, you use electricity in normal mode.

As soon as the network disappears, it automatically switches to backup from HOME ENERGY STORAGE.

In this case, it is necessary, if possible, to turn off all powerful electrical appliances and use only the necessary ones.

Opportunities of HOME ENERGY STORAGE

Connected to the network, Home Energy Storage works as a source of uninterrupted power with a capacity of 1 kW. Critically important electrical consumers of the house: lighting, refrigerator, router, video surveillance, pump groups of the heating system, water supply - will be able to work autonomously from 3 to 6 hours.

If there are solar panels, the battery life can be increased to 13-16 hours.

Nominal power 1 kW
Exit 2 sockets, 220 V, 1 phase
Built-in battery LifePo4 (fireproof) capacity 3.3 kW*hours
Connecting photovoltaic modules up to 1 kW
Full charging time from solar field power 1 kW: up to 4 years
Weight 30 kg
Size 50 х 41 х 28 см
Price 1600 $
Additional two solar panels 400 $

Using HOME ENERGY STORAGE with solar panels

By connecting solar panels, you can be completely autonomous from the network. Even if there is no voltage in the network, the HOME ENERGY STORAGE battery will be charged from the solar panels.

When connecting solar panels, battery life can be increased to 13-16 hours.

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