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General Contract (EPC Contract) by GREEN SYSTEM

What guarantees can you have when entrusting the construction of, for example, a solar power station to a company? Entrusting an unscrupulous contractor may lead to the risk of being left alone with a station that doesn't function properly or doesn't work at all, and which will be rejected by the regional energy company.

What is an EPC Contract?

Collaborating under an EPC Contract, provided a reliable contractor is chosen, will exempt you from risks at every stage: from design to the facility's commissioning.

EPC contract

An EPC Contract entails:

  • Fixing the payment terms, work scope, milestones, and timelines in the contract.
  • Full responsibility of the EPC contractor for project implementation according to the specified contract terms.
  • Preparing an accurate fixed-price estimate and project implementation schedule. If the budget is exceeded, the contractor covers all additional costs.

Building Solar Power Stations under EPC Contract

GREEN SYSTEM offers "turnkey" construction of solar power stations under EPC Contract. We undertake all stages of solar station construction: obtaining permits, site visits, development of construction and electrical projects, equipment procurement and delivery, installation and commissioning, facility commissioning and connection to the "green" tariff.

  • As a general contractor, we take responsibility for completing the works on time, adhering to the budget, and complying with the construction standards.
  • You will not pay more than the amount specified in the contract.
  • After the facility's commissioning, we provide free maintenance services according to the contract terms.
  • We offer a 5-year warranty on our work and materials.

Our managers will provide you with more detailed information about the cooperation format within the EPC Contract. Submit your request on the website or call:

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  • +38 (050) 341 77 08

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