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Grid-connected solar power plant 100 kW to replace daytime consumption


62 000$


Grid-connected Solar Power Station of 500 kW for Daytime Consumption

Over the last 6 years, electricity tariffs for legal entities have increased threefold. The country's plans for the coming years include further price hikes to reach European levels.

What does this mean for businesses? Rising electricity bills, increased production costs, and as a result, reduced competitiveness.

In addition to the increasing electricity tariffs, business owners face other energy efficiency problems:

  • Insufficient power capacity - obtaining additional capacity from the electricity supplier is costly, and the allocated power might not always meet the needs of the enterprise.
  • Grid interruptions - outdated power grids are not designed for modern loads, and businesses suffer financial losses due to power outages and downtime.

A modern solution for such enterprises is a grid-connected power station to compensate for their own consumption. Depending on the size of the self-consumption, a 500 kW solar power station can cover up to 70% of the electricity demand at 60 cents/kW·h.

Compensating Daytime Electricity Consumption with Solar Energy

A grid-connected solar station is an optimal solution for enterprises with significant electricity consumption during daylight hours for several reasons:

  • Such a station operates in real-time, eliminating the need for costly energy storage systems.
  • It saves money and time on obtaining additional capacity from the utility, which can take years.
  • It locks in the electricity tariff for your enterprise at 60 cents/kW·h, protecting your business model from future tariff hikes.
  • Once operational, the station requires no specialized staff or additional maintenance.

How the Grid-connected Power Station for Daytime Consumption Works

Solar Power Station for Enterprises

  • Solar photovoltaic modules generate direct current, which is then converted by an inverter into alternating current with the same characteristics as the grid's current.
  • The electricity generated by the station is immediately used to compensate for its own consumption.
  • When solar energy is insufficient, additional electricity is drawn from the grid to partially compensate.

During the solar energy system design phase, correctly calculating the enterprise's electricity consumption is crucial to prevent excessive electricity generation and to maximize self-sufficiency.

A well-designed system can cover 90-100% of the daytime electricity consumption:

  • During the day and working hours, the enterprise uses electricity from the solar station.
  • In the evening and at night, the enterprise is powered by the grid, saving up to 50% on electricity payments.

Actual figures may vary depending on the length of daylight and weather conditions. All information regarding electricity generation and grid consumption is available through online monitoring systems. 

Projects Implemented by GREEN SYSTEM

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Grid-connected Solar Power Station for Enterprises

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Turnkey 500 kW Grid-connected Solar Power Station by GREEN SYSTEM

GREEN SYSTEM takes full responsibility for the construction of a solar power station:

  • On-site visits, measurements, and aerial photography.
  • Creation of 3D visualization of photomodule placement based on aerial data.
  • Development of an individual project for the construction and electrical parts, taking into account your own consumption, business requirements, and specific needs.
  • Preparation of a precise estimate with detailed work stages, payment schedules, and implementation deadlines.
  • Selection, procurement, and delivery of equipment according to the project.
  • Professional installation by qualified assembly teams.
  • Connection and commissioning of the power station.
  • Handover of the project and final settlement.

The implementation of the project involves a team of specialists: engineers, electricians, and skilled installation crews. Additionally, our service engineers perform connection and commissioning of the station.

After the station is operational, we provide:

  • Documentation for the station, including an act of commissioning, technical passports for equipment, warranty certificates, and original certificates.
  • A warranty of at least 5 years on our work and equipment.
  • Service support throughout the entire operation of the solar power station, including assistance with setup, troubleshooting, and equipment maintenance if necessary.

Feel free to contact us, and our managers will provide you with more detailed information about collaboration conditions and a personalized offer tailored to the requirements and budget of your enterprise.

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