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Solar Power Plants in Zaporizhzhia region, implemented by GREEN SYSTEM

Our company is among the leaders in constructing Solar Power Plants (SPP) in Zaporizhzhia region. In 2020 alone, we completed more than 30 turnkey solar power station projects for private residences and enterprises.

The turnkey service provided by GREEN SYSTEM to residents of Zaporizhzhia region includes:

  • Development of an individual project
  • Design and 3D visualization
  • Electrical and construction works
  • Documentation support with "green" tariff connection

Take a look at the portfolio of our projects and read reviews from our clients who own solar power stations.

We can arrange a live excursion for you to visit an operational facility. You will personally see and assess the reliability of our constructions, the quality of components used, the proper connection, and the efficiency of solar power generation.

We do not compromise on components quality. For instance, since we purchase profiles in bulk, we use 2-millimeter galvanized profiles, providing much greater structural reliability and resistance to climatic loads. Thanks to our advantageous collaboration with suppliers, our clients receive much higher-quality and more expensive components for the same price. This significantly impacts the service life of the solar power station and, in some cases, even its generation efficiency.

We possess monitoring data from our facilities across all districts of Zaporizhzhia region. We will calculate the real power generation of the desired capacity station, payback periods, and potential income from selling surplus electricity at the "green" tariff for you, free of charge. Leave your inquiry, and our managers will get in touch with you during the business day.

  • +38 (067) 612 03 09
  • +38 (050) 341 77 08

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