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Grid-connected solar power plant 30 kW to replace daytime consumption


22 000$


Grid-Connected Solar Stations for Daytime Consumption Replacement

One of the effective ways for a business (warehouse complex, hypermarket, etc.) to significantly reduce electricity costs is not only through the use of energy-saving technologies. The ideal solution to this problem is having your own source of electricity, such as a grid-connected solar power station with a capacity of up to 150 kW. It will not only cover your daytime electricity needs but also, thanks to the "Green Tariff" government program, become a stable source of additional income for many years.

For those who plan to make long-term investments in profitable projects, a grid-connected solar station up to 150 kW is an excellent option. It requires having available outdoor space (roofs of industrial, warehouse, commercial, or residential buildings, empty areas, and unused land plots) with an area of at least 900.0 m2.

As practice shows, a 150 kW grid-connected solar power station pays for itself on average within 6-8 years. Since the effective performance of photovoltaic modules is 25 years, the initial investment is fully justified.

Objectives of Constructing a Grid-Connected Solar Station 150 kW

Main implementation options for grid-connected solar power stations up to 150 kW:

  • Providing electricity for your own business (or other facility) that operates during the daytime. The operation algorithm of this solar power station is as follows: firstly, solar panels cover the internal electricity needs. Excess electricity will be supplied to the grid at the "Green Tariff." In case the generation of photovoltaic modules is insufficient, additional electricity will be drawn from the centralized power grid. In this case, the payback period may reach 10 years.
  • Mutual settlement. This option is suitable when the facility operates 24/7 or during the nighttime. The electricity generated by the solar station is fed into the centralized power system, while the facility's electricity needs are supplied from the general power grid. At the end of the reporting period (month, quarter, etc.), the meter readings of the solar power station and the power grid are compared, and a mutual settlement is made based on their readings.

Equipment and Cost of a Grid-Connected Solar Station up to 150 kW

GREEN SYSTEM offers legal entities and individuals "turnkey" construction of grid-connected solar power stations up to 150 kW. Additionally, our clients can order the station's registration and connection to the "Green Tariff" program.

The equipment of a grid-connected solar power station includes the following components and materials:

  • Photovoltaic modules (PV modules), monocrystalline 400 W each - 375 units.
  • Inverter, 3-phase grid-tied, 50 kW - 3 units.
  • Bi-directional intelligent meter Fronius Smart Meter - 1 unit.
  • Solar panel mounting system on the roof (or on the ground) - 1 set.
  • Power cable with MC4 connectors - 1 set.
  • Electrical cabinet with protective automation - 1 unit.
  • Special cable for solar batteries - 1500 meters.

The price of such a basic configuration is approximately 94 thousand US dollars. This cost includes the construction of the station and commissioning works.

If you are planning to purchase a grid-connected solar power station and want to know its exact cost, specialists from GREEN SYSTEM will develop its project and provide an accurate estimate. This will require an on-site visit and necessary measurements. In case of mutual agreement on the estimated cost and contract conclusion, we will start working on the project.

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