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Grid-connected solar power stations for enterprises


Solar Power Station for Enterprises

Any owner of a manufacturing enterprise, shop, cafe, or other business is constantly looking for ways to make it more efficient and cost-effective. In the case of business activities with constant electricity consumption and a dependence on uninterrupted power supply, having a dedicated solar power station becomes a viable option. Depending on the objective, an industrial solar power station can serve the business in two ways:

  • Supplementing the existing electricity supply from the centralized power grid.
  • Being an autonomous source of solar electricity that fully meets the enterprise's needs.

In both cases, the owner of the solar power station saves significant amounts of money that used to go to the regional power company.

Working Options for Industrial Solar Power Stations

One of the advantages of solar power stations is their versatility. Photovoltaic modules can be installed on various surfaces. The key is to position them in a way that maximizes their productivity by ensuring the optimal angle of inclination towards the sun. Thus, solar panels are often installed on special frames on flat roofs of manufacturing facilities and warehouses, or on sloped roofs of administrative buildings. Using metal structures, solar panels are set up on open, sunlit areas of land, often with a challenging terrain, which would otherwise remain unused.

Solar Power Stations for Enterprises

Practical experience with solar power stations in Ukraine shows that this alternative energy source is in high demand in the following business sectors:

  • Shopping malls and supermarkets.
  • Warehouses and logistics terminals.
  • Farm and greenhouse facilities.
  • Gas stations.
  • Auto repair shops and car washes.
  • Standalone grocery stores and cafes.
  • Small manufacturing facilities and workshops.
  • Resorts, tourist bases, sanatoriums, and hotels, including those located in remote areas.

Solar power stations for enterprises can solve a wide range of tasks:

  • Providing primary and emergency lighting for office spaces and production facilities.
  • Supplying electricity to equipment that requires continuous operation, such as refrigeration units, electric ovens for baking bakery and confectionery products, server hardware, electric heating boilers, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc.
  • For greenhouses and farms, this includes lighting, automatic irrigation, water supply, and feed distribution for livestock and poultry.
  • Charging forklift batteries, providing electricity to stackers and other warehouse machinery.

Advantages of Installing a Solar Power Station

Many company owners, businesses, and private entrepreneurs encounter the problem of power capacity limitations when constructing or organizing a new shop, auto service, or production facility. Such restrictions, set by technical conditions, often become not only an obstacle to the further development of the business but also hinder its normal operation at present.

Solar Power Stations for Enterprises

In this situation, a solar power station is not only the most optimal solution to the power shortage problem but also a cost-effective investment. This statement can be easily explained:

  • The electricity generated by the solar power station typically not only supplements your facility with the required additional power but also reduces the amount of electricity previously supplied by the local power distribution company. As a result, your monthly electricity bills decrease.
  • If your solar station produces more electricity than you can consume, the surplus can be sold at the "Green" tariff.

The most reasonable option for a business is to work with an energy company through a mutual settlement system. During the day, you sell electricity to them at the "Green" tariff, and at night, you buy it back from the central grid.

Solar Power Stations for Businesses in Ukraine

GREEN SYSTEM is a company specializing in the development and installation of solar power stations, which are installed on the ground or on the roofs of buildings and structures. Depending on the available free areas for panel installation and the customer's specified requirements, the power capacity of the solar power station will partially or fully meet the client's needs. Photovoltaic modules (PV modules) that generate electricity have high efficiency and a long service life (20 years or more).

Solar Power Stations for Enterprises

We recommend ordering a turnkey solar power station for your business. In this case, all work is done by us – project development, necessary document approvals, equipment and materials procurement, delivery to the installation site, installation, and commissioning. GREEN SYSTEM operates throughout Ukraine.

If the price of the solar power station with the entire calculated area of solar panels exceeds the planned budget, we can perform a phased installation of PV modules. In other words, some panels can be installed immediately so that the client can start receiving solar electricity. The remaining panels can be installed later to achieve maximum power capacity.

The specialists at GREEN SYSTEM will be happy to provide more detailed consultations. Please fill out the form on our website or contact us by phone.

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