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Grid-connected stations under the 'green' tariff for private individuals


The company "Green System" offers turnkey grid-connected solar power stations, which include:

  • Design
  • Selection and supply of equipment
  • Construction and commissioning (including obtaining necessary approvals from competent authorities)
  • Subsequent maintenance of the installation.

Many Ukrainians are interested in the possibility of passive income from selling alternative energy. And a grid-connected solar power station is the instrument that allows implementing this idea.

Features of a grid-connected solar station

This type of power stations is not by chance called "Solar Stations for Earning." Grid-connected installations significantly reduce consumer expenses on utility bills and allow redirecting excess electricity generation into the grid for sale at the "Green Tariff." This results in a monthly passive income.

Important: A grid-connected solar power station will not provide 100% autonomy of the object from the central power supply. The inverter of the grid-connected station works when it is connected to the external power grid (necessary for aligning the parameters of the alternating current). The system does not include storage modules that accumulate excess energy. All electricity generated but not used by the object for internal purposes is sent to the general grid. During the dark hours when solar panel energy generation ceases, the object will be supplied with electricity from the central power grid. If you are interested in a solar power station that will provide energy independence for your home, it is better to consider purchasing an autonomous or hybrid solar power system.

What is the "Green Tariff?"

Ukrainian legislation has opened a wonderful opportunity for Ukrainians to become active players in the energy market. This applies not only to businesses but also to individuals. Today, every citizen on their country house or backyard can install a solar station to produce and sell electricity to the state at a fixed euro tariff.

The collaboration between private individuals - producers of alternative energy and regional representatives of the state monopoly, as regulated by the "Electricity" law, is called the "Green Tariff."

How to Become a Participant in the Program?

There are certain conditions that a citizen must fulfill to become a participant in this program:

  • The capacity of the solar installation should not exceed 30 kW based on the inverter equipment. The grid-connected solar power station must be installed on the homeowner's property (you will need to provide proof of ownership). The owner must have an active electricity supply contract with the regional power distribution company and a corresponding personal account.
  • The solar power station can be installed either on the roof of the building or on the ground. In either case, the project and installation works should be entrusted to a company that holds the appropriate license for this type of activity.

Important: The requirements for grid-connected solar power stations for a house and for a country house differ. To learn more details, seek professional consultation from our specialists. This should be done before ordering the project and purchasing the equipment. Mistakes can lead to significant costs.

  • The solar station must be approved (at the design stage) and properly registered and commissioned with the regional branch of the state energy company.
  • The owner of the solar station must sign a contract with the regional power distribution company for selling the energy at the "Green Tariff."
  • Additionally, the owner of the installation must install a special bidirectional meter to monitor the energy transferred to the grid for further calculations.

What Does "Green System" Offer to Its Customers?

Before buying a grid-connected solar power station in Ukraine, make use of consultation from a specialized company! It is strongly recommended to entrust the design, equipment selection, and installation to professionals, as these types of works require special knowledge and experience. The optimal solution is to use the "turnkey" service. In this case, the cost of implementing your plans will be lower than the total cost of all individual construction stages.

The solar station must be approved (at the design stage) and properly registered and commissioned with the regional branch of the state energy company.

By using "Green System" services, you will receive:

  • Audit of the site, examination of technical conditions to assess the prospects of the grid-connected solar power station's efficiency.
  • Performance of necessary measurements, up to aerial survey of the site using a drone and creation of a 3D model for accurate cost estimation.
  • Design and cost calculation.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Installation of the solar power station.

We have successfully implemented over 150 projects across Ukraine. Our grid-connected solar power stations produce electricity in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv. Book a consultation via phone. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Grid-connected Solar Stations under the "Green Tariff" for Private Individuals

Grid-connected Solar Stations

What's Included in the "Turnkey" Solar Power Station Service?

  • Visit of an engineer to the site. 3D model of photomodule placement with generation forecast based on how they can be installed on your property. Selection of photovoltaic equipment.
  • Compilation of an accurate project estimate. Additionally, we can perform roof repair/reconstruction, installation of canopies, or other structures. All these works come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Submission of documents to obtain a Technical Conditions Certificate and documentary support for "green" tariff registration.
  • Provision of construction and electrical part project, single-line diagram certified by a qualified expert, grounding test reports, commissioning act of the solar power station, equipment technical passports, warranty certificates, and original certificates.
  • Delivery of equipment and components to the site. Equipment installation, cable laying, setup, and trial launch of the station.
  • Free maintenance service according to the terms of the contract.
  • 5-year warranty from GREEN SYSTEM on workmanship and materials. Warranty support for the equipment we supply.

Do not pay more than what is specified in the contract. No additional expenses such as travel/accommodation for the installation team, "we ran out of cable," or "we're out of cutting discs," will occur.

We will answer your questions